Artist Olya Polyakova: poster of concerts 2021

Билеты Оля Полякова Королева ночи Шоу на бис!

Olya Polyakova


Olya Polyakova whose photo does not even need to be shown to everyone who is interested in the musical work of Ukrainian performers, they immediately pop up her image, recognizable after watching her numerous performances both at various shows and at concerts. Olya Polyakova is a modern artist, born in 1984 in Vinnitsa, who sings in a super-pop musical style, and practically wears a kokoshnik for all her performances. Anyone wishing to join the work of Olya Polyakova songs can be downloaded either on the yuotube resource, or on any other resource on the Internet.

His father was a diplomat, his mother was a children's doctor. When Olga was only two years old, his relatives from Cuba came to visit his father. The girl to this day tells that Fidel Castro is her godfather. Of course, knowing Olga's humor, it is very difficult to say for certain whether this is a joke or not.

The girl studied at a Kiev school, where her career as an artist began. Initially, she was invited to shoot in the children's TV series "Yeralash", after which it turned out that Olya also sings well and has a good ear.

Having made this conclusion, the parents decide to send her to a music school. After the girl finished her studies there, she entered the music school, and received a red diploma. Her specialization was pop vocals, on which she showed amazing results and her boundless talent. In addition, Olya attended lectures at the local conservatory, which brought her a diploma as an opera singer. The parents were simply shocked to learn that the girl has a vocal range of one-third octave.

In addition to her amazing voice, the girl also distinguished herself with impressive modeling data, which led her to perform on the catwalks and to photographs for multiple modeling agencies. If we turn to the Wikipedia site, then we learn from the biography about the singer's personal life that Vadim Polyakov, Olga Yuryevna Polyakova are husband and wife.

How did the singer's career progress?
In addition to the usual catwalk shows, the blonde also worked as a model in Milan for some period of time. This happened after the girl entered into an agreement with the Madison agency, which was definitely very beneficial to her.

When the term of the contract came to an end, Olga returned, but not to Ukraine, but to Russia, where she had the honor to meet Denis Klyaver at a club event. After they met, they began to work together on the song "Hug Me".

The career of the artist developed very rapidly, including thanks to Olga's colleague - Lyubasha. Together they recorded a common collection, which the singer's admirers heard in 2005.

Three years later, Olga's fans and admirers had the opportunity to listen to her new hit song "Superblondinka". After this song came out, the singer continued to call herself a super blonde.

If we talk about Olya's special accessory - namely, the kokoshnik, she began wearing it in 2012, when she collaborated with the general director of the musical organization EA Secret Service. The girl could be seen wearing such a headdress even in the video clip "Russian Style".

In 2015, in the spring, singer Polyakova recorded and released a new song "Love-Carrot". Soon, admirers of the artist saw a video for this song. And at the beginning of the summer, the super-star Olga Polyakova presented the single "First Summer Without Him".

A year later the track "Oh God, how it hurts!" became a real hit, and spread throughout the country in just a few days.

The biography of the famous singer consists not only of tracks, but also of television shows and programs, where she demonstrated herself as a presenter. The singer Olga Yuryevna Polyakova herself considers herself the number one singer in a musical style - POP music.